Integrated Land Services is a full-service GIS/GPS provider. The office utilizes ArcGIS and ESRI products, Global Mapper, AutoCAD, a large format color scanner, 42″-wide color plotter, Trimble Geo XH (a GPS data collector), and numerous extensions that provide the capability of spatial analyses, coordinate geometry (COGO), metadata provisions and addressing. We have become an integral component within the San Luis Valley and interact frequently with emergency service (E911), planning, natural resource management, and development. Our wide-format color scanning and plotting services are unique in the SLV.

We have datasets that include:

  • Roads 
  • Addresses
  • Parcels 
  • Emergency Service Zones
  • Fire Protection Districts
  • City and County boundaries
  • Subdivisions
  • Land Ownership
  • Aerial Imagery and Topographic backgrounds
  • PLSS- Townships, Sections
  • Rivers, lakes, canals, etc.

1. We offer custom maps built to client specifications- maps can include any of the digital information we have on record and can be as detailed as needed.

2. We sell County Parcel layers for a fee per County and sell other GIS data either in ESRI or KML format on a case-by-case basis.

3.  We charge $85.00/hour for our services. Printing fees for our large format plotter are $5.00 per page of scanning and/or printing on standard paper. Printing on high-quality photographic paper is $7.50/sq.ft.